Norfolk Sales Office

701 W. 21st Street, Norfolk, Virginia, 23517

Are you looking to buy, sell or browse a home? Let Chandler Realty Inc. skillfully guide you to your perfect dream home. Chandler Realty Inc. provides the detailed and dedicated service you need when it comes to choosing the right partner wherever you are in the process of buying, selling or hunting. Contact your local real estate experts today. Call, email Chandler Realty Inc. REALTORS or stop by our Norfolk office in beautiful Ghent. We are at our best when we serve you with the highest attention to customer service. Choose Chandler Realty Inc. because we have been providing professional, highly organized, responsive service to satisfied clients for over 40 years.

  • Phone # (757) 623-2382
  • Fax # (757) 627-8180

Agents in this Office

Christine Adsit
Shannon Allen
Koggie Bilisoly
Susan Bohan
Christina Brandon
Katrina Cantrell
Charlotte Chandler
Web Chandler
Brooke Cooper
Linda Daniel
Gaye Deal
Liliya Ganta
Ana Garrigues
Misty Goldman
Stacy Goode
Curtis Goshen
Julieta Skylar Grey
Sandra Harrison
Bernie Hartwig
Kathy Heaton
Loretta Hemm
Mary Beth Horton
Nancy Howard
Katie Howlett
Virginia Kitchin
Jo Ridout Kolb
Jessica LaBrie
Ian Lassalle
Ashley Link
Claudia Mackintosh
Tyler Marcum
Beth Marino
Ashton Martino
Nancy Martone
Peter Martone
Rande Mason
Rochelle McCashin
Margo McFarland
Joyce McKeever
Celine Meyer
Emil Nazaryan
Cates Nowak Team
Martin Plaisted
Jason Robinson
Sherry Romulus
Dahna Rowe
Sarah Sears-Taliaferro
Julia Shea
Jordyn Toplovich
Karen Ward
Elliott Webb
Cathy White
Adriana Woodard