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About Chandler Realty

In 2016, then Nancy Chandler Associates, embarked on a strategic path to position the company for the future. Part of the strategic plan involved a new brand and name change. Research by the company confirmed the strength of the Chandler reputation and name recognition. In May 2017 the company re-branded and is now known at Chandler Realty, Inc.


Nancy Chandler Associates was founded in 1974 by Nancy Outland Chandler. The company opened as a small, family-owned real estate firm with a philosophy based on honest, professional expertise and superb client care. Today, this philosophy continues under the leadership of Web Chandler, III, President and CEO, Lisa Chandler, Executive Vice-President, and John Chandler, COO. In addition to Chandler Realty, Inc. the property management division of Nancy Chandler Associates was rebranded into Chandler Property Management, LLC, which oversees over 700 residential properties in Hampton Roads.

Proudly local and independent, Chandler Realty, Inc. has made its mark on the local real estate industry and community and is positioned well to continue to open doors in Hampton Roads into the future.

Chandler Realty's Mission

At Chandler Realty, we are passionate about providing the Finest Real Estate Services, Techniques, and Technology to our Clients, our Customers and our Industry

Our Goals

Great Place to Work

    ●  Group practice with exceptional team spirit

    ●  Pleasant and enjoyable work environment

    ●  State-of-the-art technology and support

    ●  Top-notch staff

Expert Sales Associates

    ●  High ethical standards and integrity

    ●  Proactive marketing strategies

    ●  In-house professional development programs

    ●  Individual-Broker coaching and business planning for financial growth

Lifelong Client Relationships

    ●  Superb client and customer service

    ●  Continued connections with our clients after transactions

Proudly Local

    ●  Family-owned, family-led, independent business

    ●  Living, working, and re-investing in Hampton Roads

    ●  Volunteering our time, talent and resources in our community

Our History

It is our privilege and a pleasure to serve as ambassadors for all of the communities we serve. If you want to learn more about Chandler Realty, contact us today or call (888) 622-7356 to talk to one of your experienced agents.