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Hampton Roads Real Estate Information

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, selecting a real estate agent, or learning about a neighborhood ... making a change involves education, problem solving and decisions. Let Chandler Realty help.

If you ask people who have selected us in their home sale or purchase you will know that we do our homework. Please check here often as we add more information to help you make this important decision in your life ... Buying or selling your home.

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Mastering The Art Of Curb Appeal

When you’re selling your house, it’s crucial that you make a good first impression. We can’t think of many things that make a house look more inviting than lots of colorful spring flowers! If the warmer weather has you thinking about putting your home on the market, here are some of our tips to boost its curb appeal.


That Old House

April showers bring May flowers, but they may also make pre-existing damages to your home bloom out of nowhere. Hampton Roads has more than its share of historic houses. Here are some tips that will give your old house feel like new.


First Impressions Last Forever

Sometimes a first impression is the only one you get to make. List your home with Chandler Realty in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News and Chesapeake to make the most of your home's first impression.


Who Is Buying My Home?

It's possible you've never considered the ramifications of who ends up buying your home. Here are a few reasons you should be a discerning seller.


What To Look For In A Home Buyer

In taking on the responsibility of selling your own home, you have the added task of appraising not only your property, but the people who wish to bid on it. Whether you are hosting an open house or taking potential buyers on a private tour of your home, you may be excited at the prospect of receiving a bid immediately.



Buying Or Selling A Home Online

We at Chandler Realty in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake appreciate that you've either stumbled upon or turned to us in your online real estate search. We are available online, by phone and on social media for your convenience.


Tips For Buying Foreclosed Homes In Virginia Beach

When home-owners are unable to pay, they are forced out of their homes and banks foreclose on their former residences. Now, many major housing markets have a plethora of foreclosed homes which are now vacant and waiting to be sold to new buyers.


Avoid Unpleasant Surprises When Buying A New Home

When you imagine the first few weeks in your new house, doubtless you have visions of a carefree, peaceful time. The lovely first-meal with mis-matched plates because you haven't finished unpacking, the first night sleeping on a mattress on the floor, the first time driving to your new home from work without getting lost...

A new house is a new beginning, or at least, it should be.


The Right Season For House Hunting

It is not uncommon for people who rent to schedule leases to expire at a certain time, because they believe a move will occur easier and without issues if they move during the spring or summer. When it comes to buying a home, however, one might wish to know when is a good time to search. If you are pressed for time due to a transfer or other situation, you will not have the luxury of a lengthy search, but if you would like to buy a home in Norfolk and have a clear calendar, you will want to ponder when to arrange home visits and planning.


Prepare For Your New Home Search: The Tools You Need

When you are ready to buy a new home in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, what do you think is the first thing to do? Some might suggest getting the latest newspaper for home listings, while others say go see a Realtor and ask to be shown suitable vacancies. Both are good options to start, but it always helps to go in with a plan, so that you are prepared for any eventuality during your house search. Whether you play the weekend warrior, scouting out For Sale signs on your morning drive, or research the Internet for what interests you the most, it's good to have the right tools and the proper procedure in place.


First Time Real Estate Buyers In Norfolk, VA To Get Tax Credit

Hampton Roads home buyers can save money with an interest-free tax credit available through 2009. Find out how you can get the home you have been dreaming of for less than you thought.