Why Is Norfolk, VA the Best City in the USA?

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Norfolk Virginia is America's best city

When thinking about America’s best city, people from outside of Virginia likely wouldn’t be thinking about putting Norfolk up there against the likes of Chicago, New York, and San Francisco (to name only a few). But, according to Travel & Leisure, Norfolk, VA is USA’s best city to live in. Based on how shocked out-of-towners are at Norfolk being given the top prize, it should be no surprise that Norfolk also managed to take top spot as America’s Most Underrated City as well.

It isn’t the first time that Norfolk has come within the top 10 of America’s best cities either. Travel and Leisure rated Norfolk as the 4th best city in America in 2016. And, Virginia Beach also made the top 20 in 2016, coming in at number 14.

But what makes the city so great? Continue reading as we explore 4 things that make Norfolk the best city in the USA.

Norfolk, VA—America's Best City

1. Norfolk's Love of the Arts

We’ve gushed at length over Norfolk’s love of the arts at length previously. You can see some of our favorite things about the world-class galleries, art districts, and general acceptance of artists here. Yet, the arts are consistently one of the top reasons that Norfolk is adored by visitors, tourists, and locals alike.

With the adoption of the arts, the city has a growing number of eclectic neighborhoods like Norfolk Arts District and Ghent that are all being filled with easels, paintbrushes, sculpting tools, and photography equipment. Ghent hosts some noteworthy exhibition halls and the renowned Chrysler Museum of Art, a newly renovated, 220,000-square-foot attraction filled with European paintings, contemporary American art, and a world-class glass art collection.

2. The Dining

If there’s one thing that you should know about this State, it’s that we absolutely love to eat and while we are at it we love to eat well. Norfolk is merely an extension of the gastronomic delights that are to be had across Virginia as a whole. In the city, expect to find everything from a high-end snack from the likes of the Grilled Cheese Bistro to some of the finest seafood along the East Coast. It’s not just incredible food that keeps Norfolk’s residents and visitors salivating for more though. The city is also famous for an incredibly diverse array of coffee shops and craft breweries, the latter of which is perfect for a tipple after sampling some of the finest foods the city has to offer.

3. The Location

For all that Norfolk has to offer, surely its greatest asset is the City’s proximity to everywhere else. An 18-mile trip eastwardly and you’re in Virginia Beach. A stone’s throw towards the south of the city and you’ll hit Portsmouth. Approximately 17 miles north of Norfolk are the beautiful areas of Hampton and Newport News. However, keep traveling about thirty miles more and you’ll hit other great areas like Williamsburg, which is essentially a time-portal into U.S. history. A crucial part of Virginia’s famous historic triangle, Williamsburg was frequented by the likes of Paul Revere and George Washington.

4. Cost of Housing

Although Norfolk, VA has yet to completely recover and hit the house price highs that it hit prior to The Great Recession, the city’s housing has continually grown since bottoming at in the middle of 2012. The real estate market in Norfolk has continually gathered steam and now tops out with a median listing price in the region of $210,000. The relatively low cost means that Norfolk, VA homes for sale are attainable for most families and especially first-time home buyers. Renting in Norfolk is also attainable with an average listing price of $1,350 per month, renting in Norfolk, VA is easily affordable, allowing those waiting to gain a foothold in the real estate market the opportunity to live in a world-class city while saving for that all-important down payment.

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