Tips for Selling Your Hampton Roads Home in Spring

Posted by Tereesa Admin on Friday, March 29th, 2019 at 9:59am.

The weather is starting to clear, people are out and about, and you're starting to feel the excitement of a real estate market coming back to life.

Yes, spring has sprung, a great time to be on the market, enticing fresh and eager buyers in search of their dream home. Hopefully, if you're on the market as a seller, it's your home they'll find and you'll get the price you've been dreaming of.

But with all this excitement and activity, you know that there's one big downside: competition.

That's right - you're out there pitting your potential dream home against all the other potential dream homes in the Hampton Roads area.

So... how to stand out?

Follow these simple steps to have your home really "pop" and get the attention it deserves.

Get Cleaning!

First up, it's time to get the inside of your home matching the feel of the season. It's time to make your home new again.

Clean all the surfaces capable of putting forth a shine or sparkle - that means windows, mirrors, and tiles.

Next, exorcise the ghost of winter by freshening up the place. Clean the drapes, curtains, rugs, upholstery, and carpets. Then throw the windows and doors wide open. That fresh, new air will invite the potential buyers in and give them that feeling like they've just cracked the seal on a brand new car.

The final step to getting that spring-time interior is de-cluttering. Just get all the accumulated junk out of there. You're planning on moving anyway - so why not begin the clearing out process? Start with the personal items, so potential buyers have an easier time imagining themselves living there.

Tidy Up That Yard

The second item on your list should be getting your yard looking top-notch. Rake that yard, trim those bushes, and clear out all the dead branches and windfall that tends to accumulate during winter.

Power or pressure wash some outdoor surfaces, like stone walkways or decks. You'll be surprised how much dirt these areas can accumulate without you noticing.

And, if you're really intent on going the extra mile, plant some new flowers and set up some containers. You can usually find some ready-made flower containers at your local garden store, as well as some choice bulbs to get the spring feel without having to wait.

Add Those Finishing Touches

So you've cleaned inside and out - now what? Well, if you've done a lot of clearing, now it's time to add.

To amplify the fresh spring feel, add in some brightly colored throws, flowers, and other decor items. Check for any areas that might need sprucing up with a fresh touch of paint, or an easily upgradeable fixture.

Anything need replacing? Light bulbs, batteries, hinged - check everything. Small details can make a big impression.

Get Ready For Company

And finally, prep for visitors. People aren't going to buy your home without looking at it, so there are some things you should do to make sure your home is ready for all those eager buyers stopping by to snoop around.

What does this entail? Well - how else would you prepare for visitors? With food of course! Get some beverages, snacks, and treats that are just for visiting home viewers. Remember, you're probably not going to be the first stop on someone's house hunt, so they might be a bit tired and hungry by the time they get to yours.

Next, prepare for bad weather. Spring can be unpredictable, so put out a fresh place mat, and prepare a spot for jackets, boots, and umbrellas. Stay ready to adjust the house temperature as needed.

All in all - just think about what YOU would like when visiting a strange house after a long day.

Start NOW

The best thing to do when preparing to sell your home in spring is to start early. Doing your market research, getting a fresh online presence, and getting your listing up are all part of a process that can take months.

However, if you've been a little slow to get moving, not to worry. The buying season is long and the next best time to get started is right now. So, what are you waiting for? Get that home ready to sell!

For more tips on getting your Hampton Roads home sale-ready, feel free to contact Chandler Realty online or call (757) 623-2382 today!

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