Tips for Selling Your Hampton Roads Home in Fall

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Tips For Selling Your Hampton Roads Home in Fall

As the leaves start to change and the days grow shorter, we must accept that the warm Virginia summer is officially over...

...But have no fear! There are plenty of favorable advantages to selling your Hampton Roads homes in the fall.

Hampton Roads real estate in the autumnal months is likely much less competitive than other times of the year, as many prospective homebuyers who’ve held out on a decision throughout the summer are now experiencing dwindling real estate options.

In early fall, more serious buyers will be feeling the pressure to make a Hampton Roads real estate decision before the holiday season sets in, and the frosty Virginia winter rears its head.

Thinking of selling your Hampton Roads home this fall season?

Perhaps you're relocating elsewhere or moving into a larger Hampton Roads home to accommodate your growing family.

Regardless, you've made a wise choice, but...

...What should you do to ensure a successful sale?

Here’s a list of helpful tips that might help you in your journey to selling your Hampton Roads in fall.

Plan Ahead for Minor Repairs

Make Minor ChangesMaking Repairs to Your Hampton Roads Home For Sale

If selling your Hampton Roads home is more of a long-term goal, be sure to plan ahead and make minor home repairs in the warmer months leading up to fall time.

Being on top of any possible mishaps can help you efficiently answer buyer questions, as well as potentially save you from unwanted surprises down the road.

Don't Ignore the Major Problems

Here's the hard truth:

If you’re ready to sell your Hampton Roads home and there are repairs that you simply haven’t been able to address, be sure to disclose these to potential buyers. It may be somewhat of an awkward conversation at the time, but it’ll spare you any turmoil associated with a disgruntled buyer.

DIY Curb Appeal

You don't have to own your own landscaping company to make a few exterior adjustments...

...You can essentially transform the exterior of your home by working with the changing seasons and putting in a bit of elbow grease. Spending extra time cleaning out the gutters, cutting low-hanging tree limbs, and raking dead leaves and debris from the lawns can make all the difference in terms of how potential buyers view your home.

Ready to flex your green thumb?DIY Curb Appeal when Selling Your Hampton Roads Home

If you’re planning well in advance to sell your Hampton Roads home in fall, try planting some flowers and shrubs to bloom just in time for the autumnal showings. New England asters, goldenrod, and Longwood Blue flourish in Virginia’s late summer and early fall.

When you’ve set the scene with gorgeous greenery, why not try spicing things up by accenting with pumpkins or other autumnal harvest squash?

Indoor Extras

Pinterest is a great home design resource, but you don't need to break the bank to freshen up your home with a fall theme.

No Expenses Necessary!

Of course, the main concern of buyers is the interior of the house, so you’ll want to spend the bulk of your time cleaning and sprucing up the indoors to accentuate the features that are already present in your Hampton Roads home.

If you have a gas fireplace, create an extra cozy atmosphere by lighting it when viewers walk through, or perhaps put on some autumn-inspired background music for added ambience.

Fall-ify Your Home

Tips For Selling Your Hampton Roads Home in FallHere's a secret for you:

Potential buyers want to envision themselves carrying out their ideal home life on your property.

If you want to make this easier on them, there are many ways to go the extra mile...

...You can find all sorts of fall decor ideas online for little to no extra expense. Seasonal throw pillows or blankets make a great addition to Hampton Roads real estate, and you can have some fun experimenting with different fall-inspired scents to enhance the overall warm and welcoming motif of the home. 

Add Seasonal Flavor

Is holiday baking your forté?

Set your home apart from other Hampton Roads real estate by setting out freshly baked pumpkin muffins or simmer some seasonal hot apple cider on the stove.

But you're probably wondering...

"How can I give the impression of a warm, cozy household when I'm pressed for time?"

It's easy! Convey the illusion of a quaint fall kitchen by propping up a seasonal cookbook or filling a bowl with crisp apples. A small tray of cinnamon sticks and cloves offers a seasonal spin, and adds a glorious natural fall scent throughout your Hampton Roads home.

Let There Be Light

As the Virginia days get shorter, the sun sets lower on the horizon and casts larger shadows. Be sure to keep this mind when selling your Hampton Roads home in fall, and cast open all blinds and shutters to brighten every space.

Turn on every light, including appliance and closet lights, to showcase the true beauty of Hampton Roads real estate.

Trick or Treat for Potential Buyers

Woo potential buyers with a small parting gift...Hampton Roads Treats for Buyers

...Keeping with the autumnnal theme, try leaving out snack-sized candy bars or tied bags of candy corn for potential.

Not only does this kind gesture entice the viewers of the property, but it also maintains the cozy, warm-hearted feelings of Hampton Roads homes in the fall.

Set these treats next to a guest book, encouraging potential buyers to give their feedback and advice on how you can add dimension to your showing and sell your Hampton Roads home in the fall.

Interested in selling your Hampton Roads home in fall? Please contact Chandler Realty for any and all inquiries regarding real estate in Hampton Roads.

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