The Right Season For House Hunting

Posted by Tereesa Admin on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 at 2:08pm.

It is not uncommon for people who rent to schedule leases to expire at a certain time, because they believe a move will occur easier and without issues if they move during the spring or summer. When it comes to buying a home, however, one might wish to know when is a good time to search. If you are pressed for time due to a transfer or other situation, you will not have the luxury of a lengthy search, but if you would like to buy a home in Norfolk and have a clear calendar, you will want to ponder when to arrange home visits and planning.

As with anything you do, there are advantages and disadvantages to performing certain tasks at specific times of the year. When it comes to buying a home, you'll need to think about the following when you check for sun or snow outside.


Advantages: Depending on where you live, the weather is usually present, and if you live in a high tourist area you won't be burdened with extra traffic. With foliage in bloom, it makes for a more attractive presentation for available listings, and if you happen to bid on a house before tax deadlines you may qualify for certain rebates.

Disadvantages: There is the possibility that you won't find as many listings as you hoped, since some homeowners may wish to wait until summer when they have time away from work to prepare for open houses and yard sales. If you purchase a home after the tax deadline in late Spring, too, you may have to wait for any return on investment.


Advantages: With kids out of school, if you're able to close quickly on a home you can get moved in without disrupting any work or education schedules. This is also a good time of year for home owners to place their houses on the market because they have time to advertise and talk with prospective buyers.

Disadvantages: One thing to note, too, that summer vacations may prompt homeowners to place selling on hold while they are away, so you may not get the full advantage of seeing homes you like. Weather plays a large role, too, if you live in a warm climate. Endless days of house hunting takes a toll on the body, and added heat doesn't help.


Advantages: The weather is crisper now, and homeowners are refreshed and energized to sell at this time of year. With winter approaching you might find some owners and agents want to close before Christmas and are willing to deal.

Disadvantages: If you have school-age children, you may not wish to pull them out in the middle of the year if you have to transfer to a new district.


Advantages: Again, closing before Christmas is ideal, and with winter weather painting a picture of your future home (and the snow you have to shovel) will help you determine which neighborhood suits you. Also, with year end approaching for agents they may be willing to wheel and deal to get you in a home before January.

Disadvantages: Weather can work against you here, too. There are a few schools of thought on decorating for Christmas while you sell your home, and as a buyer you may be deterred or distracted by decor to make a firm decision.

Some agents may tell you that any time is a good time to buy a home in Virginia Beach. Consider the seasons carefully, and your schedules, before you plan your purchase.

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