Spring Selling

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Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for fresh starts. Whether buying, selling, or doing some preliminary research while considering a move, spring is a time that inspires a desire to begin anew.

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With that in mind, check out Nancy Chandler Associates® list of tips and tricks for showing your Hampton Roads home during spring. Ready, set, show!

Grass is Greener.

While touring your home, potential buyers are going to be trying to picture themselves living there...which iis always easier to do when the house doesn’t appear to need a lot of work. Your potential buyer may instead be mentally calculating how long it will take them to clean up that mess! Take a few steps to avoid this by:

Rake, bag, and toss dead leaves, trim back unruly bushes, branches, or shrubs.

Lay down grass seed if necessary, and plant some flowers (yellow naturally inspires good cheer).

Consider purchasing a small fire pit at a home improvement store. It’s a nice, inexpensive, touch that you can easily take with you on your move.

Sitting Pretty.

If your home has a porch or patio, this could be a huge selling point for the right buyer! Make an effort to spruce up this area of your home in any combination of the following ways:

Wipe down handrails and fences that are looking less-than-spotless.

Sweep or hose down concrete areas, wooden decks, or walking paths.

Rearrange, clean, or invest in some brand-new patio furniture. A few chairs, a swinging bench, or a picnic table might be just the final touch that your outdoor recreation area was missing

Clean House. 

1. Clean Out:
Power wash the exterior of the house, the sidewalk, and driveway (you can rent a power washer for fairly cheap).
Clean the gutters.
Wash all windows.
Consider a few minor investments, such as a crisp new mailbox or welcome mat. It’s an easy way to add some warmth to your home.

2. Clean In:
Organize, declutter, get rid of extra things you don’t use or need anymore.
Dust, clear out cobwebs, etc.
Sweep, vacuum, mop, bleach tile & grout, etc.
Rearrange your furniture to create more open spaces, creating the illusion that rooms are larger.
Open windows, curtains and blinds to let in maximum sunlight to brighten up the house.
Remove winter clothing, such as puffy coats, from closets to increase visible space.
Swap winter decor (like flannel) for linens, fresh-cut flowers, and accent pillows in light, warm colors.
Consider baking something or lighting candles to ensure that the house smells nice!

3. Fix-er-Up.
The quickest deterrent for a potential home buyer is a house that looks like a Fixer-Upper. Head off those concerns by making any quick, simple, or immediately obvious repairs. It may mean you have to pay out of pocket, but it will be worth it if it means the difference between another buyer walking out the door...or making an offer.

We hope these quick tips for showing your house during spring have been helpful! Don't forget to call your Chandler Realty agent when you need a pro on your side. We're standing by to sell your home today.'

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