Play Up Your Home's Best Features

Posted by Tereesa Admin on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 11:08am.

You know your home and home base better than anyone, you know all the quirks features from your intimate back yard deck where you've hosted a dozen parties to the seafood shack down the road that makes the best crab cakes. These are likely the reason you bought your home in the first place. By helping buyers feel more at home, you can help them see how your place, could become their place.

Norfolk Homes: Many classic Norfolk homes have gorgeous wood floors and vintage details. To highlight this unique feature, you'll want to move all but a couple of key pieces of furniture out of the room. Pick your room's focal point - a fireplace, large window or perhaps a unique floor plan and position these key furniture pieces to draw attention to it. A lovely rug will connect the pieces and take on the job of reducing the noise shoes make on wood floors.

Chesapeake Homes: Chesapeake has grown quite a bit with many families choosing to either build a new home or renovate a classic home. Even the most gourmet kitchen can leave a bad taste if the counter tops are cluttered with small appliances and personal effects. If it's not bolted down (like your stove) put it away. If you must have something on your counter top, make it a plate of cookies.

Virginia Beach Homes: Virginia Beach homeowners have a lot of reasons to celebrate. It's just not hard to sell a home with the word "beach" in the address. Reinforce the message by clearing away your personal accessories and replacing them with a few select beach-themed pieces. If you've got hurricane lamps, add some sand and a starfish. Take down the photos of your kids and put up large format, stunning beach photos. It doesn't matter if you're miles from the beach or within walking distance, beach living is part of the draw. Use it to your advantage.

Finally, remember you're selling your neighborhood, too. One clever friend of mine knew she had a great Norfolk home, but she also had neighbors who genuinely liked each other and whose kids often played outside and on the same sports teams. She made sure that potential buyers found her "top ten reasons why you're going to love living here" list. A year later her home buyers sent her a thank you note - and their own top ten list.

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