New Year, New House

Posted by Tereesa Admin on Monday, January 16th, 2017 at 9:13am.


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So much can happen in one year that it's dizzying to think about. Imagine facing those twists, turns and tidal waves in a new home - one that's safe, secure, and perfectly suited to you and your family. Every need is met, from yard space to the number of bathrooms, the Sales Agents at Chandler Realty will listen and deliver.

A few factors which commonly result in relocating:

New Job: Did you change jobs recently? Commuting in Hampton Roads, while not always arduous, can take its toll - especially if you need to drive where there are actual tolls. You may want to give yourself a break and find a home closer to your place of employment. A new job may mean a change in your financial situation as well, and your house search can reflect that.

One Flies Out of the Nest: If you have a child planning to graduate and move away, it gives you some extra space in your home, but maybe it's too much to upkeep for your new living situation. If your Virginia Beach or Norfolk home seems too large for your needs, 2017 could be the year you scale down and settle into something cozier and easier to manage.

New Arrivals: Consider the alternative, too. If you’re expecting an addition to your family this year you will need to upgrade your room count. Why settle for turning an office into a nursery when you can move into a new home that gives everybody the space they need? With a larger home suited to your growing family you eliminate the need to make sacrifices, and with our team behind you, you'll get help and resources you need.

New Beginnings: If 2017 is the magic number for you in terms of retirement, we’re available to assist in transitioning you to the next stage of your life. Do you want to live closer to the beach, or in a golf course community, or scale down into a cozy condominium? Hampton Roads offers a variety of homes for your changing lifestyle.

The decision to buy a home in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake or the Upper Peninsula doesn't have to be complicated. Contact Chandler Realty today and know your options. We'll help you sell your current house and close on your next home with ease. This is one New Year's resolution you'll find is simple to keep!

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