New to Norfolk? Here are 7 things you HAVE to do!

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September is the time for a fresh start. Hopefully, by now, you have successfully brushed off the doldrums from realizing that the summer has been and gone—and that the autumn (and winter) season is quickly descending upon us. If you’re having trouble finding your feet in town, or you just wish to go out and see what life in Norfolk has to offer you, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Bookmark this blog now and as the weeks go by check an activity or two off of this checklist. Before you know it, you’ll no longer be new to Norfolk. Instead, you’ll know just how amazing life in Norfolk, VA is.

      1. Chrysler Museum


      2. The NEON district


      3. Slover Library


      4. The NorVA


      5. Coffee


      6. Breweries


              7. Food

Reasons to visit the Chrysler Museum

If you love art and culture, you should kick yourself if you didn’t know of or had never heard of Norfolk, VA’s Chrysler Museum. The museum—which boasts a collection that spans some 5,000 years of global history—originally started as a museum for the arts and sciences, expanded upon receipt of Walter P. Chrysler Jnr’s collection, and then once again as a modern museum in 2014. With art from masters such as Auguste Rodin, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Eduoard Manet, and Andy Warhol—as well as, Bernini’s final sculpture—the Chrysler Museum is a great first stop when you’re new to Norfolk.

Where to find it? 1 Memorial Place, Norfolk, VA.

Reasons to visit the NEON district

So, you’ve been to visit the old-stock of art in Norfolk, but why not check out the local art scene and watch artists bring their vibrant works to life right in front of you? The NEON district, which stands for New Energy Of Norfolk, is inspired by the city’s automotive roots and builds off of that foundation to create something fresher and more vibrant. Covering a swathe of the city, the NEON district provides more than a handful of things to discover including art studios, murals, Comedy Theater, bespoke home items, tattoo parlors, and a smattering of fun restaurants.

Where to find it? Between Yarmouth Street and St Paul’s Boulevard (West to East) and Brambleton Avenue and E9th Street (South to North).

Reasons to visit the Slover Library

The creation of the Slover Library was a huge investment for the city. At $65 million, the 138,000 square foot building was built in a bid to usher in a new-age for Norfolk. And it succeeded. Get a library card here and you’ll have access to a 3D printer, 130 computers, a digital media lab, free Wifi, an online database of historic photos, and a video game lounge. And yes, there are a few books, too. 160,000 of them to be precise.

Where to find it? 235 E. Plume St.

Reason to visit the NorVa Theatre

There are a handful of reasons to visit a live show at this theatre, but we need only one. The sound system and acoustics. Voted by Rolling Stone as the Best Music Venue in America in 2013, the NorVa Theatre features a state-of-the-art sound, stage, and lighting system.

Where to find it? 317 Monticello Avenue

Reasons to hop from coffee shop to coffee shop in Norfolk, VA

Throughout the community, java lovers will find a multitude of great coffee shops. And debating which one is the best has become somewhat of a rite of passage for Norfolk newcomers. Whether it’s Borjo Coffeehouse in ODU, Elliot’s Fair Grounds in Ghent, or aLatte in Downtown, take a tour and find which coffee joint you like a latte.

Reasons to brew up a storm in Norfolk, VA

If the coffee just isn’t strong enough for you, why not visit one of the many fine breweries that can be found in Norfolk. Norfolk has long been a home to breweries, but only recently has it started to boom into attracting craft brewers. In many of the trendy areas in town, you’ll find a multitude of craft brewers to sample from and to decide which should be crowned your local.

And if all that touring worked up an appetite, you should definitely check out one of the many top restaurants in Norfolk. For example, the Freemason Abbey Restaurant, which is housed in 140-year old church and is found in the heart of Norfolk, VA. As you enjoy the popular food here, you can enjoy the stained-glass windows, cathedral ceilings, and huge fresco painting.

Where to find the Freemason Abbey restaurant? 209 Freemason Street.

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