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Hampton Roads is a remarkable community, as diverse geographically as it is recreationally. Residents and visitors alike enjoy a wide variety of sporting events, museums, parks, educational opportunities and of course, beaches.

Newport News is no exception, and if you’re searching for a home in the tidewater area, then you may want to consider this forward-thinking city.

Newport News, Virginia

Newport News is proud to be a Sustainable Community, which means that it follows a citywide program of Sustainable Living. Committed to driving change and fostering eco-friendly habits, this could be the perfect place for your family to start thinking of the future.

Beyond the smart ecological philosophy of the city, Newport News is also home to some great recreational and educational experiences. History buffs will enjoy the memorabilia and exhibits of the Virginia War Museum, and for creatives the Peninsula Fine Arts Center is a must-see.

With a variety of public and private schools to choose from, your kids can dream big. For now, though, the biggest decision will be how to spend those precious weekends. Touch horseshoe crabs and see endangered red wolves at the Virginia Living Museum or practice sweet tricks during KidsSkateFree night at Peninsula Family Skating Center.

<Don't forget the four-legged children! Spend an afternoon chasing sticks in the Fido Dog Field Dog Park or strolling the Huntington Park Beach together. There's lots to see, smell and taste while exploring a new city.

Investigating the restaurant scene is a big factor in choosing a new home town, and Newport News does not disappoint. Try the local catch of the day at Finn Seafood, or go exotic with Aago Indian & Nepalese Cuisine. Circa 1918 offers a modern menu of classics with flair (try the roasted garlic and goat cheese grilled pizza).

Contact Chandler Realty today for help finding your new home. Start building your future now, in Newport News, Virginia.

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