Cost Effective Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Before Selling

Posted by Tereesa Admin on Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 2:55pm.

Thinking of selling your home but afraid it won't fetch the price you're asking for? More often than not, minor repairs are all that is needed to increase the value of your home. Here are some cost-effective tips on how to fix up different aspects of your home to boost its value:

Front Yard

One of the first things you want to do when evaluating what needs work on your home is start with the exterior. No one is going to want to visit your home if it has a displeasing exterior appearance. Decrease the clutter around your house, including hoses, lawn equipment, children's toys, etc. Make your house look warm and inviting, not like a zoo. Do some landscaping and make sure your lawn is aesthetically pleasing. Are there any particular attributes about your front lawn that you'd like to showcase, such as a unique fountain or flower structure? Make sure that you can see the sellable qualities from the street.


Now move on to the second first impression, so to speak, the foyer. The foyer lays the foundation for overall response to your home from the buyer. Make sure there is no evidence of inhabitants. Put coats and scarves away, and make sure the vacuum cleaner you leave in the hall closet is actually in the hall closet. Ensure there is nothing obstructing the walkway. Walk into the front door of your home and check to make sure the entryway is inviting. If a potential buyer can't make it through the front door, they probably won't bother with the rest of the house.


Remember that your tastes will not always correspond with a potential buyer's taste. That Technicolor Pink Floyd poster you have that you love? Your potential buyer may not want to take a trip to the dark side of the moon. Anything that isn't neutral in taste should be hidden. So hide the novelty shag rug and cow print arm chair. Have trusted friends and family members give you honest feedback on what furniture items you have that can be perceived as unbiased in taste. Throw some paint on the walls (figuratively, of course). Stick with neutral tones, like eggshell or beige. Make sure each room has a consistent theme.


Cleaning is a definite quick fix to sprucing up your home, and mostly at a low cost. Using products you already own to clean can be successful. Usually it's the motivation that bogs down the seller. Make sure to clean every corner and under every piece of furniture. Put away unnecessary items that may distract the buyer, such as an overused tube of toothpaste or a box of craft supplies. The last thing you want is the buyer to inquire more about you than your home.

Fixing up your home can be as cheap as a few nails and a hammer. Do a run through of everything that needs to be fixed and evaluate what you can do and what would best be left to a professional. Make your house presentable. Don't allow the buyer to notice any minor blemishes and wonder if there is any more damage or repairs that need to be evaluated.

Remember to always be neutral with the appearance of your home. Your likes could very well be a potential buyer's dislikes. If you're selling your home with the assistance of a realtor, have them evaluate what needs to be fixed up around your home and property. A realtor may also have insider knowledge on cheap quick fixes for your home or where to purchase supplies to fix up your home at a low cost.

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