Closing The Deal

Posted by Tereesa Admin on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 3:18pm.

Let's say you are searching for a home in Norfolk and found the right one for your family. The price is right, the neighborhood is great, and you're near good . The owner is interested in your bid and it appears to be all over but for the signing. Think you're done with the job? Not quite.

Closing on a home is probably the most important event in your life as a new homeowner. Before you call the movers and pop the champagne, it necessary to make sure you are getting the best deal for your house, and that means knowing how to negotiate during the closing.

What does this mean? As you complete the purchase of a home, there are closing fees associated that need to be paid. Also, depending on the condition of the home, there may be repairs necessary that you want the owner to handle before you make any payments. Who will take care of these costs and other provisions in the sale contract are hashed out during closing, and if you have little to no knowledge of real estate transactions you want to be sure you are well represented.

Chandler Realty has, for over 30 years, assisted thousands of homebuyers with getting the best deal on a new home. We work for you to guarantee that your costs are kept to a minimum, and that the home you purchase is in excellent condition when you get the keys. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can best help you in closing on a Norfolk or Virginia Beach home or condo.

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