Buying Or Selling A Home Online

Posted by Tereesa Admin on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 at 1:58pm.

We can probably all agree by this point that the internet is pretty neat. And most of us probably use it for everything these days, from shopping to ordering food to getting directions to communication. So it makes sense that when it's time for you to buy or sell a house, you would turn to the new stand-by: the world-wide web.

We at Chandler Realty in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake appreciate that you've either stumbled upon or looked us up during your online real-estate search. We are available online, by phone and on social media for your convenience.


-Check your credit score way ahead of time, to avoid any nasty surprises. If things are where you would like them, great! If not, you have time to work on improving that pesky little number.

-Get your finances evaluated and then get a Pre-Approval letter, which enables you to close the deal quickly.

-Respond immediately to counter-offers (this is the digital age, after all, where communication is lightning-fast and any delay could cost you dearly).

-Don't low-ball anyone, because in this aforementioned digital age, everybody knows the cost of everything. A crummy number will get you booted out of consideration, faster than you can say "Google!"


- Get your house inspected early, to leave time for any renovations or improvements.

- Check out the financial past of your potential buyers to determine if they really can afford the down payment or any loans.

- Scope out real estate agents online - which you're obviously already doing! We hope you'll stick around and give us a call.

Call us today to find your dream home, or list your house with Chandler Realty and Associates in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

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