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The family had no idea when they moved into their new home that they were not alone. Floorboards creaked above them even when nobody was upstairs, doors slammed when there was no draft and things were not where they had been left. The house was haunted.

If your home is beset with mournful moaning and groaning ghouls, it may be time to move. Unfortunately, such sinister spirits may make your house difficult to sell. That's why we've compiled this list of tips and tricks for selling your haunted home - Happy Halloween!

1. Do some research; look up the history of your house and find out who may have passed away inside of it. If the being is benevolent, maybe you can all learn to co-exist. If not, look into your state's legal requirements; you may be

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When you imagine the first few weeks in your new house, doubtless you have visions of a carefree, peaceful time. The lovely first-meal with mismatched plates because you haven't finished unpacking, the first night sleeping on a mattress on the floor, the first time driving to your new home from work without getting lost...

A new house is a new beginning, or at least, it should be.

Unfortunately, there are often hidden caveats in contracts that can lead to nasty surprises for new homeowners. Unexpected fees, previous owners taking the fridge with them, violent gang wars going on in your new back yard, the list goes on.

Fortunately, there are a few things you as a buyer can do to avoid these unpleasant little surprises.

1. Lucky for you, this is

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We can probably all agree by this point that the internet is pretty neat. And most of us probably use it for everything these days, from shopping to ordering food to getting directions to communication. So it makes sense that when it's time for you to buy or sell a house, you would turn to the new stand-by: the world-wide web.

We at Chandler Realty in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake appreciate that you've either stumbled upon or looked us up during your online real-estate search. We are available online, by phone and on social media for your convenience.


-Check your credit score way ahead of time, to avoid any nasty surprises. If things are where you would like them, great! If not, you have time to work on improving that pesky

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Packing, cleaning, renovating, showing; determined to sell your old house, resolved to obtain the funds necessary to purchase your new house; hoping, praying, wishing for someone to come along and make an offer...throughout all the hectic activities of selling your home, it may never have occurred to you to wonder about just who is buying it.

Not just their character, or tidiness; you won't be roommates or anything. But there is some information that might be beneficial for you to uncover about your potential buyer sooner, rather than later.

Income & Cash Flow:

- Will this buyer be able to afford the mortgage?

- Will he/she/they need to take out loans?

- Do they have good credit?


- If somewhat lacking in cash funds, does this

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Just like a job interview, first impressions matter in real estate. If your house appears worn down, unkempt and out-dated, potential buyers may turn their noses up without ever seeing the inside! But don't fret, dear seller. We at Chandler Realty have some tips and tricks to help your house make the best first impression possible.

1. You probably love your house, and feel very at home inside it. But in order to sell it, you may find it beneficial to "de-personalize" your house. Removing family photographs, distinctive ornaments and hobby or memorabilia-related items may make it easier for those potential buyers to visualize themselves and their own families living there. Pack up and tuck away a third of your possessions, leaving only a neat, organized

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