July 2010

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You know your home and home base better than anyone, you know all the quirks features from your intimate back yard deck where you've hosted a dozen parties to the seafood shack down the road that makes the best crab cakes. These are likely the reason you bought your home in the first place. By helping buyers feel more at home, you can help them see how your place, could become their place.

Norfolk Homes: Many classic Norfolk homes have gorgeous wood floors and vintage details. To highlight this unique feature, you'll want to move all but a couple of key pieces of furniture out of the room. Pick your room's focal point - a fireplace, large window or perhaps a unique floor plan and position these key furniture pieces to draw attention to it. A lovely rug

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Of all the features your Norfolk, Chesapeake or Virginia Beach home your home has to offer, one of the biggest draws is a lovely, spa-like bathroom. Unfortunately, all the white pillar candles in the world won’t help if it’s just casting a glow on grime.


If your shower door is grimy you may not need to replace it but you do need to get the soap scum off. Products like “krud kutter” and “Goo Gone” will take the grime off (that’s why mechanics swear by it) but the real trick is to keep it sparkling during the sale. One savvy friend sprayed her door with Rain-X, the same product she used on her windshield. The door repelled everything – from water to soap scum.


Tile is a major home selling point – unless your

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