October 2008

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Just like that cute little puppy wagging its tiny tail in the window of the pet store you always wanted as a kid, first impressions are extremely important when it comes to selling your house, especially in today’s volatile market. With many people scrambling to sell their homes, if yours doesn’t catch the buyer’s attention in the first few moments he or she sees it, it is likely they are going to move on. To make sure the first impression isn’t the last impression for your potential buyers, consider some simple ideas to spruce up your homes curb appeal.

Since most sellers are aiming to make money in the real estate business, it is important that whatever you do to attract buyers to your abode doesn’t put you too far in the red before you eventually

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Norfolk is a cornucopia of various restaurants, shops, and museums. While most of these things can be enjoyed in the day time, many new residents and visitors want to know about the night life or evening social events to enjoy after the work week is over. Here is some insight into some interesting places that can be enjoyed after dark in Norfolk.

Time Lounge

Located on Granby Street as part of the "Granby Street" nightlife, Time Lounge in Norfolk offers drinks, dancing, and revelry. With famous live DJs playing the hottest new songs, Time Lounge offers a party experience like no other. With frequent celebrity sightings, Time Lounge in Norfolk makes every guest feel as though they are in a sophisticated big city nightclub.

BAR Norfolk


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With the home market slowing down in the wake of recent mortgage lender failures, the government has been contemplating different ways to jump-start the purchase of new homes, especially trying to attract first-time home owners. One method the government is initiating is a tax credit program for all first-time home buyers that make a home purchase before December 31st, 2009.

Recently approved by Congress, anyone eligible that buys a house in any condition for any price will have up to $8000 less to pay the government in taxes at the end of the year. If you are an eligible home buyer this year that owes around $5000 in taxes, you would claim this credit, save $5000 in taxes, and receive a refund of the $2500 remainder.

The eligibility for this

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